Saturday, March 31, 2012

Well, I guess I was hoping that Spring was here but we had a little snow yesterday. So my garden may not be ready to plant just yet. And I just realized how soon Easter was coming. Spring makes me think of gardening and tulips and daffodils. And daffodils and tulips make me think of Easter.

And Easter makes me think of Bunnies, both furry and chocolate.

Bunnies make me think of carrots. Planting them and eating them. Carrots are not just to crunch on when you are on a diet. There are many, many ways to prepare this orange beauty.

There is of course, Carrot Cake. There are so many recipes but this is simply delicious from the blog I KISS BETTER THAN I COOK. Stop by this is a great cooking blog.

Now I have not tried Carrot Cake Cookies but these from the lovely blog A WHISK AND A PRAYER look delicious. You can make these and have just a cookie instead of of piece of cake for a yummy little snack.

When I was little, my grandfather always made Creamed Carrots. I just loved them, creamy and buttery I can taste them now. This scrumptous Carrot Casserold from CHOW.COM look so good I think I will make this tonight.

Whatever way you prepare them Carrots are really good for you and simply delicious. If you have a recipe for Easter you would like to share send me an e-mail and a picture and I will post about it over this week along with some other cute easter recipes. Drop by my other blog WICKED FAERIE QUEEN starting tomorrow I will been featuring some Easter decorating ideas and lots of chocolate.

And don't forget to drop by my blog Wicked Faerie Queen and enter my WICKED FAERIE QUEEN 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY.

Images from PINTEREST.

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