Sunday, May 6, 2012


As you know from earlier posts I like red Geraniums.

Now, I do plant them in the garden and this year I am doing some pots but I like to have the hung against my house because it is a nice light coffee colour and the red looks so good against it.

The problem is there is no sun on the porches so the Geraniums won't flower. A couple of years ago, against all I believe, I bought some silk geraniums arrangements for my porches.

I really do not silk flowers but when I saw them at HomeSense they looked so real I had to touch them. They are quite nice, arranged in white wicker baskets with ivy.

I put them out when I put out everything else so I don't know if passerbys think I am just really good with geraniums or that they are artificial.

Every time I hang them I feel a little guilty. I have driven past homes that actually put artificial flowers in their garden! Eeek! They do not even look real. If I could make them flower on the porches I would use real ones.

Mind you it is kind of nice having colour so early and they still look good.

What do you think? Here are some geraniums. Four are real and four are silk. I would like your opinion. Am I cheating as a gardener to put these imposters out or is it okay as long as you can't tell.


  1. I think it is your home and you do as you please. When they are on your porch, I doubt people would know the difference anyway. Some "fake" flowers look so real I have to touch them to be certain. ;-)

  2. I can't tell the real from the fake in your pics, but since the fake ones look this good, I think I need to get some.

    When I try to grow geraniums here, I usually don't have very good luck. By August there is usually some leaf yellowing and they become leggy and just not too attractive.

  3. This is a good question, I am quite a die hard real flower person as a florist and gardener, so fake is always offensive...yet!.....when you love something and you try and try and it won't work, but you still love it, then go with what you love! I've seen some high end decorators work with a few fake flowers and greens!
    The bottom line is, do they bring joy? :D:D:D