Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Spring is here! The weather is so warm today but it still cools down at night. It is a little early for most potted flowers but the hardy Pansy is ready for action.

I just love it this time of year when the Pansy is out in full glorious bloom. Everywhere you go they sell flats and pots of of them in a rainbow of colours

I am particularly fond of shades of blue and purple. I get flats of them and just fill pots and buckets and put them everywhere. They are safe with cold nights and as long as you cut them back and deadhead they last most of the summer.

Nothing makes me happier than waking up and having a cup of tea amongst the pots of happy Pansies. As a matter of fact the Pansy flower means merriment and "you occupy my thoughts." For me the Pansy brings thoughts of sunny days ahead.

The Pansy is also one of the edible flowers. When I worked at the greenhouse we were always trying the edibles. Pansy are quite nice actually. They look beautiful on a tea sandwich.

And how lovely they look on a wedding cake like this one from Martha Stewart Weddings.

Think how impressed they would be at your luncheon or tea party if you served these gorgeous Shortbreads adorned with Pansies. The recipe is available at RECIPE.COM.

So whether you have a lot of pots or just one, go out and get some of these hardy beauties for you porch, garden or lunch table.


  1. Oh, I love pansies also ... actually I love all of Mother's flowers.

    Love and Light.

  2. Pansies are so pretty and come in shades of lavender!