Sunday, March 4, 2012


I just adore Topiaries! Ever since I was a little girl and saw my first ones at a Garden Show I was hooked.

They were trimmed into the shapes of animals of all kinds. I felt like Alice in a Garden of Wonderland.

Everyone can have a topiary. The large elaborate ones like the Elephant and Frog are beautiful but not for the average garden. Now the cute bunnies would look adorable on my lawn. See more of the bunnies at Rabbit World View.

Topiary Gardens can be very elaborate but even the simple shapes like these round ones from The Steward look elegantly regal.

There is something so country looking and beautiful when a topiary is used in home decor. I especially like the look of the green orbs of an herbal topiary hovering above the pots in a white room.

I made my own mytle topiary once. Very similar to the ones I found on the
Solid Frog. I cultivated the tiny myrtle from seedlings and out of 6 pots I was able to grow 2 beautiful topiaries. I had them for 3 years when one started to die off. I babied the other one for another 2 years until my darling husband knocked it off of the table and there went 5 years of my gardening effort. Now I just buy them already to go like the lovlies in the big pots above.

If you don't have the time or patience for the work topiaries take but still like the look bake some. That's right you can make some pretty cute topiary cake pops like these from The Clever Culinarian. The complete instructions are on that site.