Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My husband picked these beautiful roses from our wild rose bushes yesterday.

These beautiful pink ones grow along my fences near the driveway. The smell is so rosey but light it is just heavenly. I wish they grew near the house. I have tried to move a piece but they are very old and the roots are long and deep.

As we head up to the top of the property....

....under some overgrown brambles ( which we really have to trim),...

.....are the sweet, little white roses. They are just as fragrant as the pink ones and just a delicate. Unfortunately they only last a few weeks before their petals drop so we enjoy them every day that they are blooming. Living on a farm that is over 200 years old, you find all kinds of plants you do not see everywhere. These roses just seem to get more hardy each year without any cutting back or fertilizer. I think that says something about the old plants don't you?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Finally, the garden is done. In that heat yesterday my wonderful husband worked all day filling the containers with organic soil so we could get the tomatoes in.

They look great and fit right into the landscape. I wanted to have 3 along the house but the end of the porch does no get much sun so after watching daily to see where the sun is the brightest we settled on putting the last container, which will hold the other veggies, off to the side a little ways from the others.

My Heritage Tomatoes are very happy in their new bed. I am so pleased with their progress. Having never grown tomatoes from seed I did not know what to expect but they are strong and healthy and I hope they all make it. As they get bigger I will move some but I wanted to get them planted. I will put the seeds in today too and make some markers, recycled of course.

Now, I went around and took some pictures of the gardens and property for tomorrows post and Rufus & Daisy decided to come along.

Daisy was quietly minding her own business under the cool garden box while Rufus on the other hand.....

...was digging to China!

Curiousity got the best of her and Daisy had to have a look. Life is never dull with these two around. Check back tomorrow for a little garden tour.

Visit WICKED FAERIE QUEEN today for some yummy frozen treats.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I wake up some mornings and sit on my porch enjoying the lovely morning, watching the wild life unfold in the trees around me. After about 1/2 an hour in my head I am planning what needs to be done that day.

The gardens need watering or weeding, the house needs dusting, I need to work on some pieces for my shops. We all do it when really what we want to do is....

.....spend the day somewhere like this!

Or enjoying a beautiful walk somewhere like this.

Do you remember when all you had to do all summer was swing on one of these. Maybe go for a swim or play with your friends.

Well, that is what I want to do. The housework and garden will be there tomorrow. From now on I am not making taking time to do nothing a planned event. If you want a day for you just do it.


Images from PINTEREST.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Oh, what a beautiful day! I got up to the sun shining through the trees into the was like magic. The faeries left little diamond droplets on the spider webs last night. The sun touched everything this morning with a mystical glow.

Rufus caught a scent in the air and took off for over an hour. I finally had to go and get him and he was so tired. He is sleeping now upside on the sofa.

The vegetable garden containers are almost done. We still have one more to build and then paint and fill them with soil. They would have been done by now but my husband has had to work full time at his job because two people quit. They will be done and planted this week for sure. My baby tomatoes are looking great.

I will keep you posted on the progress. In the meantime I am getting tired just looking at Rufus. Maybe I will cuddle up in the screened room and read for a while. Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

Friday, May 18, 2012


I love to watch the birds take a bath in one of our birdbaths. It is so nice when the sun is beaming down on the water and your hear splash, splash and see a content robin or sparrow happily taking a dip.

Living on our farm, we have a lot of wooded areas around the house and I figured out a long time ago that it would be pricey to put store bought birdbaths all over. I started just filling anything wide enough that would hold water so the large bird population could take a bath. I found that clay pot pans like these work great as long as you get the glazed ones.

You can make some very nice and simple birdbaths from flower pots. How easy and cute are these?

I love the idea of recycling an old sink like this. You can go to the blog THE ART OF DOING STUFF for a couple of cute ideas with old sinks and basins like this one too.

I have seen these before but never found out how to make them. They look so easy and so beautiful that I am making some. They are made from rhubard leaves as a mold. You get get the step by step directions for the first one at A SOUTHERN BELLE WITH NORTHERN ROOTS and the second one is at OVER THE GARDEN GATE. I hope you give them a try.

So now that we have covered taking care of the birds how about a little treat for your trouble. I found these DEEP DARK CHOCOLATE COOKIES at DIVINE BAKING blog and I just have to make these. This is a wonderful blog if you love to bake it is a must go see.

So why not bake yourself a batch of these delicious treats, grab a cup of tea and sit in the garden and enjoy the birds.

Images from PINTEREST and if you haven't visited before I find it a great source to see some other amazing blogs.

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