Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Spring is coming, soon I hope, and I have been planning my garden. I love to garden but I always hated the aches and pains from bending over to plant and weed. A while back I worked at a local greenhouse and found myself with an abundance of plants. I had access to many varieties I had not seen before so I decided to make a large garden. After the first year I was so achy from bending all the time that my husband suggested raised beds.

We built them waist height and nice and deep. The hardest thing was filling them because they are quite a ways back on the farm from the drive where the soil had to be left. I would not have any other kind of garden now. My back never hurts and they are so nice and high that I can see my lovely plants from the house.

I like my back garden so much that when our son was having his wedding reception here two years ago and we were landscaping the front of the house, I did a raised garden there too. Not table height but it still is very easy to care for. This spring we are doing a raised vegetable garden on the sunny side of our property.

The nice thing about raised gardening is not just the physical aspect, you can also put them anywhere even a small one on a deck or back porch.

You do not have to have a wooden raised garden either. These fabulous galvanized water containers used on farms are perfect. Just plop them down, fill them up and you are ready to go. No matter what you use give raised gardening a try. Make a small garden or a large one, you won't be sorry it saves your aching muscles and your time because weeding a raised garden is a breeze.


  1. I love this post ... your garden is fabulous. Wish I could grow flowers and vegetables in my courtyard ... but last year did me in ... it was the third year with everything withering from the blasted heat. Things are getting so hot around here all the time.

    Love and Light and Good Eats to All!

  2. I want to try more raised beds and container gardening.With the dogs it's hard to have a nice garden out back and that's were we spend most of the summer.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Your raised beds are stunning, Sue! I believe this is what we are eventually going to have to switch over to as well. Luckily the majority of my flower garden is perennial so there is little to no maintenance anymore. Just lots of picking for bouquets. ;-)

  4. yes, the aches and pains, yes, I know them too well, right now too in fact...7 hours of gardening yesterday trying out permaculture, in semi raised bed, But I ADORE the waist high ones!! wow, I can totally appreciate that!