Sunday, April 1, 2012


Easter snuck up on me this year. I usually decorate 2 weeks ahead to enjoy it but a lot has been going on and I am going to decorate today. I don't know how much others decorate but I do like to bring out my Easter collection and make the house festive and Springy. I found some great centrepiece ideas. They don't have to be as elaborate as the Martha Stewart one above, although it is gorgeous.

This sweet little simple egg arrangement would be quick and easy to do.

With a basket some moss a couple of little fuzzy chicks and some easy potted daffodils you could have a very nice country centrepiece in no time.

This fabulous centrepiece from BROOKLYN LIMESTONE looks like it is a lot of work but it is actually quite simple and really lovely. Go to the link for the tutorial.

I just love this idea. Simple eggs in the bottom of a large vase with Gerbera Daisies. You could use Tulips or any other Spring flower you like.

I really like the idea of combining your centrepiece with chocolate. I also like to use the Pansies because you can plant them in the garden after. Talk about environmentally friendly. It could actually be your dessert. Make a nice outdoor like centrepiece and put in chocolate bunnies, chicks and eggs, what a great treat for kids and adults.

How cute and organic is this. Take out the centre of a cabbage (savoy would be nice too) and use it in you dinner and fill the cabbage with pretty flowers inside of a low vase.

I have used this idea. When our son had his Wedding Party on our farm in the summer we already had a lot of flowers in the garden so instead of centrepieces I order a huge fruit bouquet. It was gorgeous and absolutely delicious.

Kids would love this peeps topiary, I know I do. Peeps are reasonable and easy to work with just make sure you cover it with clear wrap so it does not dry out.

I had to show this cute, simple idea. I love this. Use the little chocolate bunnies and chicks as name card for your Easter guest, adorable!

What is Easter without a fabulous, colourful dessert. This beautiful Rainbow Cake looks incredible and it is actually not hard to make. The lovely Linda from BUBBLE AND SWEET in Australia gives step by step directions on her website.

I hope you got some ideas from this today. I will be decorating all day and show the results plus lots more ideas until Easter. Get Creative!

Images from PINTEREST.


  1. How beautiful everything is. I love lilies of the valley ... brings back memories. Thanks for this lovely post.

    Happiness to all

  2. All very Beautiful ideas. Love your website and am now following You. Hugs, Robin