Thursday, March 1, 2012


There is nothing more beautiful in a garden or home for that matter, than an antique urn.

I adore their shapes. Standing in a garden, regal, well worn, with stories to tell of gardens and gardeners past.

My grandmother had a passion for them, that is where I was first introduced to the glorious urn. She would buy them at auctions and had many of every shape and size in her vast garden. Unfortunately, I do not possess any of hers, they sold for quite a high price at the farm auction when she left us.

I would love to find some old ones, it does not matter the condition. I prefer them rusted with a history.

There is just something about them, whether flanking the doors of a castle or regular home, or standing in a grouping or alone in the garden. You can't help but notice them, walk up and have a look at the intricate details. The pride the casters must have taken designer these magestic vessels.

I also like them as home decor, you can look at them all year, although they are so sturdy you can leave them out in all of the eliments.

For now I have my one urn which I love. It is not old but it is aging. Every year it gets a little more patina. By the time I find the old ones I covet, it will probably catch up with them and have a very similar look. If you are fortunate enough to see the old ones, take the time to have a real good look at their beauty.

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  1. Thanks for this post ... I enjoy looking at the pictures.

    Happiness to all.