Saturday, April 21, 2012


I remember every Spring when I was little building Birdhouses with my grandfather. We did the same with our son when he was little and many of them are still around. Do kids do that anymore?
I have always found Birdhouses quite beautiful. Not only do they function as a home for birds but they add so much loveliness to your yard. It is nice to look up into a tree and see these darling little homes, many so painstakingly made to resemble real houses.
My grandmother had an old Victorian Birdhouse that sat on a lovely old staircase post in the yard for years. I have it now and it needs some work, when I am finished I think I will keep it in the house, it holds some lovely memories.
I really like the old Victorian Birdhouses. Many times they were built to resemble the big houses. The details were incredible. I have found new one online especially on Etsy. It is nice to see that people still care enough to create functional yet beautiful homes for birds.
If you don't have a birdhouse you should get one. It is so nice to sit and watch the birds building their homes every Spring. They seem so proud when the find a house to live in. Whether you buy one or make one or just redo an old neglected one, they will give you hours of pleasure and the satisfaction that you have done a little bit for nature.
Images from PINTEREST. Stop by WICKED FAERIE QUEEN today and see some really amazing tents.


  1. Love love love all of these fabulous birdhouses. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Happiness and Peace to ALL !

  2. Love the birdhouses. I have a bunch in my garden too. I like the ones on the ladders

  3. There is nothing much more peaceful that watching birds at feeders and houses while listening to their song. I love bird houses both inside and out. I had a friend that collected them and had a few I wished I could have enlarged to human size just to go within. ;-) Warm hugs, Mina