Friday, April 27, 2012


Lucys Garden is a Gardening and Foodie Blog but today it is just FOODIE!

Marie Antionette apparently never did say "Let Them Eat Cake" so I will. I adore cakes. Sometimes making them more than eating them. I love the old fashioned recipes, the tried and true, the cakes that don't look neat and perfect but look homemade.

I found some fabulous recipes through PINTEREST. If you have not been on Pinterest you really must have a look. I find it the most interesting and informative site on the Web. You can literally find anything there that people have pinned and is usually linked back to the source. It is a great way to find some amazing Blogs and Websites. Now back to Cake!

Let's start with Carrot Cake. I just love a good piece of Carrot Cake although I do tend to tone down the Cream Cheese Frosting because I find it a bit sweet. Here is the best recipe ever from Michelle on CANDY JAMAMAS blog. Oh, you must stop by here. This girl has some incredible cake recipes and much, much more.

If you have never had Tomato Soup Cake you must make it. My Great-Grandmother made it all the time. It is a rich, moist spice cake, now my recipe , which is a traditional one from the Campbell Soup Company, has raisins. This one from THROUGH THE MAGIC DOOR does not but I would add some or even some Walnuts. You won't be sorry if you make this.

I saw this and my mouth started to water. This yummy Vanilla Cake With Strawberry Cream Frosting is from PERRY'S PLATE.
I cannot think of a nicer way to welcome Spring than with a slice of this delicious cake.

Strawberry Lemonade Layer Cake, the title says it all. What a lovely, fresh cake for the summertime. This is one of the simplest recipes I have ever seen. Go to FOODISTA blog for the delicious recipe.

Now, this is my all time favourite cake. Coconut Cake..... yummy! I love the creaminess of Coconut Cake. The icing must be light and fluffy so when you put your fork into those luscious layers it just glides down and that scrumpcious morsel melts in your mouth. This is a great recipe from SMITH BITES.

I do have one last "Cake" for you today. This is a SWEDISH SANDWICH CAKE or a SMORGASTARTA. It is layers of tuna, smoked salmon and shrimp. Delicious! The recipe is at SAVEUR but for some good pictures for assembly go to PANINI HAPPY which is where I found it. Now this does take a little work and you know you could buy a round loaf of bread instead of making one from scratch, but if you love seafood like I do this is a worth while recipe and it serves a lot of people.

I will be putting my own recipes on my blog too as I make them but I like to link you to these recipes because the blogs and websites I find through my searching are so wonderful I like to share them with you. I love to find new sites, people put such a lot of work into them it is nice to have a look.

Images from PINTEREST. Stop by my blog WICKED FAERIE QUEEN today for some fabulous Porch Swings.

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  1. My mouth waters with intense delight. If I were in public I would be embarrassed but since I am not, I shall drool on. ;-)