Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I love tomatoes. I am sure most of us do. I have grown my own over the years but have found that mine, and others I have bought just do not taste like the tomatoes I had on my grandparents farm.

We have a small farm right in the middle of an agricultural belt. Fresh vegetables are aplenty all around me all summer so I do not have to grow them but I really like to go out to the garden and watch the progression of my plants and reap the bounty of my work.

These are some of my tomatoes from last summer. I planted them early and did use a Yellow Early Girl. Although it was not an Heirloom variety it was quite good and sweet.

We have 2 acres. A lot of it is trees so the best place I have found for growing tomatoes is at the east side of our house along the porch. I have planted in pots and last year in the flower garden at the end of the porch. The tomatoes grew fantastically. This year we are building a raised bed right along the whole length of the porch, I have a really long porch. Now, staking is another problem I have had. They always fall over. I like this idea and I may do this.

Our neighbour has a green thumb. He has grown heirloom tomatoes for a while and they are delicious.

I have decided to try just Heirloom Tomatoes and some vegetables this year. I have ordered Black Krim and Tula of Russia Tomato Seeds from HEIRLOOMS RUS SEEDS on Etsy. I also ordered some Easter Egg Radish Seeds because they looked so cute.

I am looking forward to this new venture. I have never planted tomatoes from seeds before. I am hoping they come to full abundance so I can eat them fresh off of the vine and use them in recipes such as this Heirloom Tomato Sauce from KATY ELLIOT-HOME-ART-FOOD BLOG it looks just delicious like all of her recipes.

I will be doing a step by step progression of my new garden and my heirloom plantings. If you have a great garden and some lovely Heirloom Veggies or some hints of growing them I would really appreciate the advice. E-mail me any pictures you have from now or other plantings and I will put them on my blog. I look forward to this new adventure and sharing it with you.

My tomato pictures are from me other images are from PINTEREST and the HEIRLOOMS RUS SEEDS veggie pictures are from their Etsy page.


  1. Beautiful photos. I especially like the deep purple ones, wonder what they taste like? I live in a small town but in the city limits and our houses are right on top of each other out here so no gardens and such for me! Maybe one day when or if the good Lord sees fit I can live mine and my husbands dream and move out in the country with our own land and we can have a garden and other things id like to have.

  2. Some of the heirloom varieties look really pretty, and I bet they taste much nicer too. I always grow tomatoes from seed, and end up with too many because I can't bear to discard any seedlings, lol

  3. Such beautiful photos ... how they bring back memories of my Dad's tomatoes ... he had such a green thumb ... everything tasted so wonderful ... and all organic. I miss him so. Thanks for this wonderful post.

    Happiness to all.