Monday, April 16, 2012


Saturday I made my first Macaroons. Well, first I must say that they do take a little time. After you have prepared everything and piped them onto a tray you have to let them sit for 1/2 an hour to set. They should feel a little firm, mine never did.

You have to tap the bottom of the tray to release the air bubbles, this apparently gives the Macaroon it's "foot". I did that but as you can see mine never got their feet. You also have to smoothe the tops with a wet finger so the Macaroon is smooth and glossy when baked. I did that but they were not glossy.

My Macaroons looked more like Whoopee Pies but I must say they were delicious. The had the crunch on the top and the soft centre and the ganache filling was heaven. I will not give up. I am planning to keep trying different recipes until I perfect the allusive Macaroon.

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  1. They look yummy,but your right not quit the right macaroon.Pretty little sandwhich cookies though.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. I wish I had one of those right now! I think you will have it down with no problems, maybe you should try a alternate recipe and do the one that your happy with. I will have to check out your macaroon pics below to see the "foot" your talking about.

  3. I think they look delicious! You did fabulously, my friend.