Saturday, April 14, 2012


I love macaroons! I have admired them for many years in photographs thinking how perfect they looked.

The lovely array of French Pastel colours, tempting you with their perfect symmetry, puffy and delightful.

Much like the Red Velvet Cake ( another one of my favouites) the French Macaroon is fairly new to us in Canada. I have not had the good fortune to find bakeries here or in Toronto that specialized in an array of these scrumpcious beauties. I did some research and last year I found a small bakery/coffee shop near our sons home in Toronto. Of course I had to go.

I chose a chocolate and a pink pastel to try. As soon as it bit into that pillow of flavourful delight I was hooked. The soft crunch of the first layer to the chewy centre of the cookie and then the creamy, delicous filling. Oh, heaven!

I could not think of anything more wonderful than receiving a gift of these lovely pleasures. Unfortunately they are pricey and I still only found the one shop. I know I can purchase them online but I do not trust the post so I found a cookbook with simple directions and I am going to try my own today.

In my research, I discovered that I am far from the only person in love with this yummy confection. I found this lovely blog NOT SO HUMBLE PIE and she did a whole post on the pros and cons to different techniques in the baking of the Macaroon.

They look absolutely mouth watering and it gives me hope that I may just be able to pull of my own Macaroons.

Now this could be a good thing or a bad thing. I do so much adore these sinful delights that if I am good at it I may just devour them all. If they do not turn out I will be disappointed but I will not give up until I have perfected the French Macaroon! I will keep you posted.

Images from PINTEREST.

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  1. Take pictures of your macaroons when you make them. I never knew these were called macaroons. The pastel colors are beautiful. I just love pastels too.