Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Finally, the garden is done. In that heat yesterday my wonderful husband worked all day filling the containers with organic soil so we could get the tomatoes in.

They look great and fit right into the landscape. I wanted to have 3 along the house but the end of the porch does no get much sun so after watching daily to see where the sun is the brightest we settled on putting the last container, which will hold the other veggies, off to the side a little ways from the others.

My Heritage Tomatoes are very happy in their new bed. I am so pleased with their progress. Having never grown tomatoes from seed I did not know what to expect but they are strong and healthy and I hope they all make it. As they get bigger I will move some but I wanted to get them planted. I will put the seeds in today too and make some markers, recycled of course.

Now, I went around and took some pictures of the gardens and property for tomorrows post and Rufus & Daisy decided to come along.

Daisy was quietly minding her own business under the cool garden box while Rufus on the other hand.....

...was digging to China!

Curiousity got the best of her and Daisy had to have a look. Life is never dull with these two around. Check back tomorrow for a little garden tour.

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  1. The tomato plants are looking very good. I like your containers very much.
    Oh but that hole does look interesting!

  2. They look amazing! I love these raised beds and cannot wait to see them in full bloom with luscious organic veggies. You go girl!