Monday, May 14, 2012


Well it has finally arrived, we started building the containers for the Heirloom Vegetable Garden today. My husband has finished the construction of two of them and we are doing one more. I will show you some more pictures tomorrow. They are going right along the sunniest part of our house.

My tomato babies are really coming along. I think I started a little late but I am hoping once they take off and get transplanted they will be okay.

I am planting a variety of heirloom vegetables including these pretty Easter Egg Radishes.

I loved the Rainbow Carrots. It amazes me how colourful Heirloom Vegetables were. Everything was vibrant and bursting with different shades. I wonder when things turned so ordinary, red tomatoes, green lettuce, orange carrots, red radishes etc.

Well I am hoping to brighten my culinary cuisine with an array of these beautiful vegetables. I have I think 9 varieties of Tomatoes (yes I know they are a fruit.)

I think I am looking forward most to the Black Krim. They look so dark and juicy, I can't wait.
My goal is to cultivate an Heirloom Garden so we can have these wonderful veggies all summer into the fall and make sauces and canned tomatoes.

I will keep you posted on the progress, if you grow any Heirloom Veggies I would love to hear about your garden.

Drop by WICKED FAERIE QUEEN for a look at my newly decorated screened-in room.


  1. The Heirloom varieties look so much more interesting. It is good to see people wanting to grow these again.
    I need a bigger garden!

  2. Ooo, I cannot wait to see your garden when it's coming in nice and full. All those sweet little baby plants coming up. :) I miss having a veggie garden. I look forward to it again one day. Heirlooms are my favorites to grow. They tend not to yield as much as the hybrids and the new fangled plants, but they taste so much better and it's such a good thing to keep these foods in our gardens because they're becoming more and more rare.

    Bright blessings,

  3. These look so wonderful ... my dad would grow the most wonderful tomatoes and everything else in his organic garden. I've given up on a vegetable garden and flowers for that matter ... it's gotten so hot down here in Florida that nothing seems to make it through the summer ... and the locally grown tomatoes and produce are just awful ... the Canadian tomatoes are the best tasting ... crazy huh?

    Happiness to all.