Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My husband picked these beautiful roses from our wild rose bushes yesterday.

These beautiful pink ones grow along my fences near the driveway. The smell is so rosey but light it is just heavenly. I wish they grew near the house. I have tried to move a piece but they are very old and the roots are long and deep.

As we head up to the top of the property....

....under some overgrown brambles ( which we really have to trim),...

.....are the sweet, little white roses. They are just as fragrant as the pink ones and just a delicate. Unfortunately they only last a few weeks before their petals drop so we enjoy them every day that they are blooming. Living on a farm that is over 200 years old, you find all kinds of plants you do not see everywhere. These roses just seem to get more hardy each year without any cutting back or fertilizer. I think that says something about the old plants don't you?


  1. These roses are beautiful and I love the wildly natural look of those brambles. Beautiful land, sweetie!