Thursday, May 10, 2012


Mother's Day is this Sunday and I am having all of the women in my life for lunch. As a mother I can tell you right now that if my son surprised me with one of these scrumpcious delicacies instead of flowers I would be thrilled.

First look at these RED VELVET CREPES from DUHLICIOUS. Oh, just give me a fork! I love Red Velvet and I know that these would not last long. The recipe is very simple give them a try.

Now this takes a little more effort but your mom would share I am sure. This Chocolate Layer after Layer Cake from THE LITTLE RED HOUSE is just gorgeous. Beautiful blog even if you don't bake this cake you should have a look.

How about a blast from the past. Did your mom ever make you these little FLOWER POT DESSERTS. Nothing is easier all you do is use ready made ingredients and assemble a really yummy dessert. Personally I would leave out the Gummy Worms, yuck! Stop by THE PIONEER WOMAN for the step by step directions, a great thing to make with your kids dad!

If you don't want to get too fancy just serve a pretty cupcake on a lovely plate. I always think cupcakes are a great dessert.

Okay everyone, all together, AHHHHHHHHHHH! Now this ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE CHIP 'N OREO FUDGE BROWNIE BAR from KEVIN & AMANDA should be illegal. How can you get so much deliciousness into one bar? This is not an everyday occurance so if you want to really treat mom make this.

Whatever you do for your Mom on Sunday I am sure she will love it. But instead of flowers which are easy and get a smile why not bake or cook something if you get time and get a massive, toothy grin!

Images from PINTEREST.

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