Saturday, May 12, 2012



Finally it is a gorgeous, sunny day today. I wish it could be like this all year. We have had plenty of rain and the garden is blooming. My grandmother's bleeding heart is so large I think I will have to move it in the fall.

The gardens and the property are becoming so lush and green, it is like a faerie land. Every nook and cranny holds something new bursting out everyday. Breathtaking!

These are the beginnings of my Heirloom Garden. I planted 10 varieties of Heirloom Tomatoes. It has been a week and they are popping their little heads up. I have never grown tomatoes from seeds so we will see what happens. By the end of the week we hope to have the containers for the new garden ready. I will keep you posted.

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day.

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  1. Your garden is looking lovely, definitely like faerie land.
    I love growing things from seed, I never fail to get excited when they start to emerge. I am easily pleased!!
    I hope you have the best Mothers' Day.