Friday, May 18, 2012


I love to watch the birds take a bath in one of our birdbaths. It is so nice when the sun is beaming down on the water and your hear splash, splash and see a content robin or sparrow happily taking a dip.

Living on our farm, we have a lot of wooded areas around the house and I figured out a long time ago that it would be pricey to put store bought birdbaths all over. I started just filling anything wide enough that would hold water so the large bird population could take a bath. I found that clay pot pans like these work great as long as you get the glazed ones.

You can make some very nice and simple birdbaths from flower pots. How easy and cute are these?

I love the idea of recycling an old sink like this. You can go to the blog THE ART OF DOING STUFF for a couple of cute ideas with old sinks and basins like this one too.

I have seen these before but never found out how to make them. They look so easy and so beautiful that I am making some. They are made from rhubard leaves as a mold. You get get the step by step directions for the first one at A SOUTHERN BELLE WITH NORTHERN ROOTS and the second one is at OVER THE GARDEN GATE. I hope you give them a try.

So now that we have covered taking care of the birds how about a little treat for your trouble. I found these DEEP DARK CHOCOLATE COOKIES at DIVINE BAKING blog and I just have to make these. This is a wonderful blog if you love to bake it is a must go see.

So why not bake yourself a batch of these delicious treats, grab a cup of tea and sit in the garden and enjoy the birds.

Images from PINTEREST and if you haven't visited before I find it a great source to see some other amazing blogs.

And stop by WICKED FAERIE QUEEN today for some wonderful gardening ideas make old things new again.


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  2. These images are so gorgeous. I love birds and always say I am going to get a bird bath (in that someday way) and put it in my flowerbed. There is one I have been eyeballing for some time now and just want to have more time to enjoy it so I wait. ;-) Hugs to you always, sweet friend.