Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I just love to have some kind of water in my garden. Whether it is a birdbath, fountain or little pond it is so earthy and calming.

You can have it at the entrance of your home which is lovely. Lucky people have a natural little pond like this one.

I love this idea, the water feature is built right into the landscape. Oh, how wonderful it would be to have a spot with water where you could sit and dream. And a waterfall, well words escape me.

Anyone can have a water feature. Look at these wonderful, simple ideas. All you need is a water proof container, like these galvanized bins and a pump.

I actually have an old tub out back, I have a pump I am not using too. Hmmmmmmm, wheels are turning.

You can do a little or you can do a lot but water in the garden is so wonderful, everyone should have some.

Images from PINTEREST.

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