Sunday, June 10, 2012


It is beautiful here today. I grabbed my camera and Rufus, Daisy and I went for a walk around the property to check things out.

First stop was the Veggie Garden. The weather has been perfect for growing. Some rain and lots of sun. Just look at my Tomato Babies! And the Lettuce, Radishes and Peas look great.

We walked through the woods and the sun was beaming through the trees. It is so lovely in there.

You never know what you will find around the farm. These pretty flowers, their name escapes me, were in my garden at one point. Now I notice them peeping out from under the trees.

The Thyme I potted in the Thyme Table is doing fabulously. I love to sit there with a cup of tea touching the Thyme, the aroma is wonderful.

I adore the vibrant yellow of the Daylily. I planted these 15 years ago and every Spring I divide them. I have shared many and others are planted all over the farm.

Well, it is getting rather hot out now, Rufus and Daisy are in their air conditioned mudroom and I am waiting until later to do some more gardening. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend and pop over to WICKED FAERIE QUEEN for some more garden tour with Daisy and me and to enter my GIVEAWAY.

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