Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hi everyone, I'm back. I have not posted for a bit. If you visit my blog WICKED FAERIE QUEEN you see I have been having some personal things going on but, that is over and I am back. Now let's have a look at some fab potting tables.

I like to have a potting table, it is nice to have everything piled in one place up off of the ground. It is also much easier to pot up your plants. You can put one together out of scrap wood and they look great.

A nice old table is fabulous although I don't like to leave them out in the open so perhaps on a back porch. Unless it is a really old rickety one you don't care about.

You can buy some pretty nice already made ones too.

I just love this, it would make a great potting table......and now for the Yummmm!

I found the following delicious recipes at BAKERS ROYALE. These Biscoff & Kalhua Crunch Cupcakes look so decadant.

Look at this REESES BROWNIE ICE CREAM CAKE I would rather have that than a Birthday Cake any day.

I don't know why but I have a thing for cakes and cookies with stripes in them. I am going to make this amazingly delicious looking ZEBRA BUNDT CAKE just to see what it looks like.

Well, I am back and I will be showing you some pictures of my Heirloom Garden this week. It is busting out all over. Hope you are all having a lovely summer!

Images from PINTEREST.

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  1. Husband made my potting table a few years back. It is getting quite rickety now. I had a domed plastic tunnel, meant for covering plants in the soil, but he made the table to the same size, so that I can overwinter things on there with some protection.